We are using Sitecore Content Hub Cloud. And have set up multiple screens to create a new entity.

For the validation, we set up multiple fields that are required. To display this we have a creation page with multiple columns.

When saving the entity, for example Product, the validation works as expected. But not on all the required fields the error message is shown that it is mandatory.

What we want to see:

enter image description here

But when moving the field to a different column the red border and red error message is no longer shown.

Is there a setting I am missing to achieve this or is it something else?

The field we moved to a different column is Product families:

enter image description here

It shows the * that it is required but on save it is not being highlighted.

Thank you for your time and effort.

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For those who are facing the same issue.

I have received a message from Sitecore Support with the statement:

This issue has been officially logged in the Content Hub product's system.

The bug report is identified by the reference number: MONE-40422.

They have not specified a timeline when it will be solved and released.


For those who would like to know the status of the bug report.

MONE-40422 has been resolved in the 1.16 version of the product.

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