I am using this template to create my sitecore solution. I am planning to convert the sxastarter folder into a monorepo. So the folder structure will be something similar to this.

enter image description here

Obviously my sitecore deploy command is failing since its looking the nextjs project inside sxastarter folder but now it has been moved to sxastarter/site. Is this a possible monorepo approach with jss starter?. If so what are the other files that I need to change in order to properly run sitecore deployment commands


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In the documentation page here https://developers.sitecore.com/learn/accelerate/xm-cloud/pre-development/sprint-zero/project-solution-setup where its about the project setup, there is a section on how to rename or move the frontend app to another path.

Also, the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNkQQSC6n8o covers more steps that apparently are not covered in the Project Solution Setup page from above.

In here there is some notes about the monorepo situation https://developers.sitecore.com/learn/accelerate/xm-cloud/pre-development/developer-experience/branching-strategy.

Hope it helps.

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