I have a page whose menu bar loads fine when previewed by clicking Presentation > Preview.

When previewed by clicking Publish > Preview, the site's menu bar is overlapped by Sitecore menu.

To fix that, I want to add a margin-top css property for the menu bar when it is being previewed using Publish > Preview.

How can I do that, as for both the methods, the page mode is Sitecore.Context.PageMode.IsPreview


Presentation-preview is designed for Content Editor Users, Publish-preview - for Page Editor users. This is the main concept difference, in my opinion. Technically they use different engines: the presentation-preview uses the one inherited from old 5.3/6.0-6.3 versions, and the publish-preview uses Page Editor Engine invented in 6.4 versions.

Publish -> Preview also provides other options such as allowing you to choose the device while previewing. On the other hand, Presentation -> Preview uses the first device that has "Default" field checked under the /sitecore/layout/devices item

So my suggestion is to forget to use Presententation -> Preview , recommended practice in Sitecore is to use Experience Editor not Content Editor for editing pages.


Presentation Tab Preview runs in the context of your "website" site & Preview from Publish runs based on your site definition & hostname entry. Also you can check the URL triggered while accessing like below:

Presentation Tab: http://?sc_site=website&sc_lang&sc_mode=preview Publish Tab: http://?sc_itemid=&sc_mode=preview&sc_lang=


The Request.Url looks like below if you are in presentation->preview


The Request.Url looks like below if you are in publish->preview


the main difference i spot is


based on that we can find whether we are in presentation preview or publish preview

var previewtype = Sitecore.Context.PageMode.IsPreview ? Request.Url.PathAndQuery.Contains("uri=sitecore") ? "presentation-preview" : "publish-preview" : "not-previewMode";

You can check whether the page is in Preview mode inside the navigation component and add z-index or margin depending on your solution.

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