Are decimals not supported when configuring cache sizes? I recently noticed that setting a cache size to 1.6MB resulted in the cache size being set to 16MB:

Patch Config

Below is the patch config where I set the cache size to 1.6MB: patch config

showconfig.aspx Page

site config

cache.aspx Page

cache.aspx page

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Commas , and periods . are stripped from the values. You can take a look at Sitecore.StringUtil.ParseSizeString(string) for proof, I've not found this officially documented anywhere.

Valid sizes examples:

  • 12000 (bytes)
  • 500KB (kilobytes)
  • 25MB (megabytes)
  • 2GB (gigabytes)

If you want 1.6MB, you're going to have to go with 1600KB.

More info: https://www.sitecorespark.com/blog/2018/8/why-sitecore-cache-sizes-are-listed-in-kb-mb-gb-in-configuration

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