We have Sitecore 10.3.1 installed and setup, with Sitecore Publishing Service 7.0.20 and Sitecore Publishing Service Module 10.3.0.

Publish itself works fine for all targets: items have appeared in corresponding databases. But when we navigate to the Publishing Dashboard - it is empty (no active/queued/completed jobs).

There is an error in the browser console:

ERROR [Sitecore Services]: HTTP GET
URL https://site-cm.azurewebsites.net/sitecore/api/ssc/publishing/jobs/{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}/All?recentJobRecords=8&queuedJobRecords=8&sourceDatabase=master

Exception Refit.ValidationApiException: Response status code does not indicate success: 400 (Bad Request).
   at Refit.RequestBuilderImplementation`1.<>c__DisplayClass13_0`1.<<BuildCancellableTaskFuncForMethod>b__0>d.MoveNext() in D:\a\1\s\Refit\RequestBuilderImplementation.cs:line 258

Our environment is hosted on Azure Web Apps, with a separate web app for the publishing service.

We have tried the below:

  1. Rebuilding the master index
  2. Clearing the dbo.Publishing_JobQueue table in master database

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Without the log details its hard to precisely identify the problem, but you can experiment with these steps to see if they offer any solutions.

Try accessing the API endpoint mentioned in the error message (/sitecore/api/ssc/publishing/jobs/{jobId}/All) directly from a browser or Postman. See if it returns the expected data or if it also produces a 400 error.

If the API URL is working fine, there might be an issue with how the Dashboard is retrieving and displaying the data.

  • Check the logs of the Sitecore Publishing Service to see if there are any errors or warnings related to fetching or processing publishing jobs.
  • Check if publishing server is able to call your Sitecore CM Instance. There is no network issues
  • Make sure that the user accessing the Publishing Dashboard has the necessary permissions to view publishing jobs. In some cases, access restrictions can prevent the Dashboard from displaying data.

If it doesn't help. can you share the logs of publishing server

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