How to tell if the item language is the fallback language or the regular language version using a PowerShell script


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You can check item is a fallback item, through reading IsFallback property available on the item as below.

$item = Get-Item -Path "master:" -ID "{{Item_ID}}"
Write-Host $item.IsFallback

This will return true if the item is a fallback item.

Hope this helps!!!


Language fallback can be checked by the Item.IsFallback property, which returns true if the item is a fallback item.

I didn't test it in Powershell but you can try it by the IsFallback property.


Thank you for your posts. I tried many different ways. But many cases did not work. The following steps worked.

# Iterate over all languages of the item
foreach ($language in $item.Languages) 
   # Get the item in the current language
   $itemInLanguage = Get-Item -Path $item.Paths.Path -Language $language

   # Check if count greater than 0 or not
   if ($itemInLanguage.Count -gt 0) {
       Write-Host "version found in language: $language"
    } else {
       Write-Host "no version found or fallback version in language: $language"

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