I am working on EXM, so i have created contact list csv and uploaded it in List manager in my local, but after that it is showing as 0 recipients.

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How to fix it??

Note: This issue is only occurring in my local, I can see contacts number in my stage.

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You can resolve this by rebuilding xDB Index for xConnect in Sitecore. Please follow the below steps

  1. Go to the IndexWorker Job folder (Ex. C:\inetpub\wwwroot\{xConnect website}\App_Data\jobs\continuous\IndexWorker

  2. Open command prompt in Administrator mode.

  3. Run below command as per your Sitecore version:

    For Sitecore 9.x – XConnectSearchIndexer -rr

    For Sitecore 10.x – Sitecore.XConnectSearchIndexer.exe -rr

  4. Restart App pool

Hope this helps !!!


You can try rebuilding xdb index from the xConnect Collection Search IndexWorker folder with the below command.

Folder Name: {{XConnectFolder}}/App_Data/jobs/continuous/IndexWorker

Sitecore.XConnectSearchIndexer.exe -rr

enter image description here

Once rebuild is done, you can restart the app pool, thereafter you should be able see to the recipent inside the Contact List.

Hope this helps!!!

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