I am new for Sitecore Powershell, In the script I am using Show-Listview to display the result and it is providing option to Filter the result data. Powershell doc stating we can use multiple words in Filter box but If I use multiple words (for diff column values) it's not displaying any result.

Can you suggest how to use multiple words in the quick filter box in Show-listview

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Multiple keyword search is actually a relatively new feature to SPE and is only available in SPE version 4.4 or later. Check to ensure that that you are using SPE 4.4 or later and then you will be able to use keyword search in the following ways (per the issue comments by the developer, @AdamNajmanowicz):

All words on item

All keywords searched for must be present on the item, though they can be in separate fields.

e.g. Searching for hello world will search for items that have the word hello in at least one field and the word world in at least one field.

Literal phrase on item

The quoted phrase searched for must be found as-is on one of the item's fields

e.g. Searching for "hello world" will search for items that have the literal phrase hello world in at least one field.

Getting the latest SPE

If you are not using the SPE 4.4 or later, you can find the download for the latest SPE release, here.

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