I was doing some initial digging into the Sitecore PaaS version that deploys the XM1 configuration. While doing so, I noticed that there was an 'automation options' link that allowed me to view template details and parameters and there was an upload template option.

If one were to upload a custom Sitecore ARM template (say the XP1 template from Sitecore) would the Marketplace wizard be able to use it to provision? Or can you upload customized XM1 templates?

  • As far as I know the Marketplace version of Sitecore is provided with a tested infrastructure and you cannot modify it. If you would like to create a custom ARM template why would you like to use the Marketplace wizard? Why not using the Azure Toolkit? doc.sitecore.net/cloud/working_with_sitecore_azure/… Jan 24, 2017 at 15:10
  • For sure, I'm looking at the Azure Toolkit as well. I was just wondering if anybody had played with the 'upload ARM template' options and knew what it did... just in case doing anything there causes Judgement Day :) Jan 24, 2017 at 16:31

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Marketplace in the end is a very convenient way to execute a vetted, tested, set of ARM templates, provides by vendors like Sitecore. You don't need marketplace to execute ARM templates, quite on the contrary, you can execute your own customized ARM templates through:

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