Does Sitecore have built in message queue that supports the batching of messages? It looks like the event queue only supports single messages being passed to a handler?

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Not out of the box. You could theoretically craft something on top of the EventQueue, but I would probably look to third party solutions.

Edited to add:

There are indications that Sitecore architecure will move in the direction that allows for easier adaptation and implementation of Service Bus technology. Not much is known at this point - even less not under NDA constraints - but Sitecore xConnect was presented at the 2016 symposium. From an architectural point of view, it sits right in the place you would normally think in ESB.

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(Image source: https://twitter.com/m7mdSyam/status/776887493484511232)

Additional information; Todd Mitchells presentation on xConnect at Symposium 2016.

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    It might be worth updating this answer with information on Sitecore 9 / Sitecore.Messaging / Rebus Jun 11, 2018 at 12:47

In Sitecore 9.x There is a new message bus implementation based on Rebus with an RabitMQ Transport Provider. This can be leveraged for your own custom requirements too.

It is used already in Sitecore 9 by:

  • EXM Dispatch
  • Marketing Automation
  • xConnect

There is more info on this here:


There is a good example of using it for custom requirements here:


** Thanks to Pete Navarra for pointing out on Slack that more accurately there is a RabitMQ Transport Plugin running on Rebus.

  • It should be noted; Sitecore plans to abstract the actual Q implementation.
    – Mark Cassidy
    Dec 7, 2018 at 12:21

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