I have MVC Routing issue in Sitecore. I have the following route in myRegisterRoutes() method. For this method I need to add language variant since I have enabled language fallback. Could some please help in this.

  1. For English: http://xyz.com/api/sitecore/Forms/SubmitForm
  2. For German: http://xyz.com/de-DE/api/sitecore/Forms/SubmitForm

Route map:

routes.MapRoute("FormsApi", "api/sitecore/Forms/SubmitForm",
    new { controller = "Forms", action = "SubmitForm" });

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You could add your language as a parameter to the route. Something like this:

    new { controller = "Forms", action = "SubmitForm", languageCode = "en" }

I'm just setting a default language code there with the "en" - now your language code would be passed into your action as a param:

public ActionResult SubmitForm(string languageCode) 

If that doesn't work, you could append the language code to the end of the route instead of the start.

  • Thanks, this solution working fine when I am assigning in static value to languageCode. My requirement is to get Sitecore.Context.Language in RegiterRoute() method, but here I am not getting the Sitecore.Context.Language. So how can i get Sitecore.Context.Language in Routing? Thanks for help so far.. Feb 10, 2017 at 6:25

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