I am using Sitecore 8.2.1. I have followed the steps mentioned in the Social Content posting from Sitecore documentation.

I am able to post the content messages on my FB page. However, likes and comments to that messages are not flowing back to Sitecore when I click "Refresh Statistics".

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I am not using social login. Are there any permissions required in FB app to have these statistics working?

Note: - My FB app is live and in non-dev status.

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Sitecore have registered the behavior as a bug for Sitecore 8.2.1 version.Use public reference number 158997 to track the future status of this bug report.

Please apply the following patch in order to overcome the issue:

  1. Place the attached Sitecore.Support.158997.dll assembly to the bin folder of your solution.

I have uploaded this dll on onedrive. Please use this link to access the same

  1. Open ...App_Config/Includes/Social/Sitecore.Social.Facebook.config file and replace the following row:

<provider type="Sitecore.Social.Facebook.Networks.Providers.FacebookProvider, Sitecore.Social.Facebook"/>

with the following one:

<provider type="Sitecore.Support.Social.Facebook.Networks.Providers.FacebookProvider, Sitecore.Support.158997"/>

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