I have noticed this strange error in my instance after attempting to connect sitecore rocks with my local sitecore instance which I have recently migrated to solr from Lucene search provider.

Actual Issue:

I have been playing around with sitecore rocks for long time & it was with Lucene enabled instances. All (including mine) instances were migrated to SOLR provider & when I tried to connect Sitecore rocks with my local instance, I have received ‘Connection failed’ even after deploying Sitecore rocks component dlls & service files. Now when I try to access sitecore login page or any page, I have received this error.

enter image description here

Some Analysis:

There was no much information and also specially no errors in the sitecore logs & I have started disabling all config files step by step but which went in vain. When I had a close look at the log entry, I see log entry stopped logging soon after ‘Sitecore.Rocks.Server.dll’ & it should have recorded ‘Sitecore.Rocks.Lucene*.dlls’ log entries Which were missing.

enter image description here

Temporary solution: As soon as i delete ‘Sitecore.Rocks*.dlls including ‘Sitecore.Rocks.Lucene*.dlls’ I’m able to get the sitecore login page. :)

Queries: Do we have Sitecore rocks for solr enabled sitecore instance ? or should I perform any alternate steps to connect my local instance(SOLR enabled) ? If no, are we restricted to connect Sitecore rocks only if your instance is with lucene search ? :(

  • what version of rocks are you using? Commented Feb 26, 2017 at 11:23
  • It's 2.x version Commented Feb 26, 2017 at 11:57

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Please look on changelog of Sitecore Rocks Github Repository. Looks like you don't need on this version ‘Sitecore.Rocks.Lucene*.dlls. Please make a new install of the module and see if you still have the error. If you still have please delete Sitecore.Rocks.Lucene*.dlls and other dll that are not needed anymore.


enter image description here

  • it could be a big workaround if we stick with older version of sitecore rocks + solr enabled sitecore instances. ? Commented Feb 27, 2017 at 5:37

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