WFFM has a date picker with default value in it, i want to make form that didn't display any values when load for the first time. Im thinking about making the val('') in custom script:


But if i clicked submit and there is still other field error, it erase the value of date picker.

Any solution?

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The default value of the date picker field is set in the Text property. The easiest way to set the default value to be an empty string is to manually add an empty <Text></Text> parameter in the Parameters field of your date picker form field item, in Sitecore:

enter image description here

  • fyi im using WFFM 8.0, Ive tried your solution, but the default value didnt change into empty string instead it changed to current date. Thanks
    – Vsn
    Mar 13, 2017 at 2:59
  • I tested it only using a WFFM WebForms form, not for MVC. I am glad you found a better solution. Mar 13, 2017 at 9:43

Lol i finally found a way. If you didnt want to make custom field and you are sure that your datepicker default value will be empty on all your WFFM form. The easiest way is to changed it in datepickerfield.cshtml by editing:

 @Html.TextBox("Value", currentDate.ToString(Model.DateFormat), new { @readonly = "", @class = "field-datepicker" })


 @Html.TextBox("Value", null, new { @readonly = "", @class = "field-datepicker" })

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