I have the following setup:

  • I'm indexing Sitecore items (Employee) in Solr
  • I have the computed field "checkins" of type stringArray set in the index

Checkins is list of datetime values I get from external service and I'm filling the computed field with them.

I extended the SearchResultItem with the property:

public IEnumerable<DateTime> Checkins { get; set; }

And when I query the index, property is filled with dates.

The question is now, how do I search on this property? I want to pick a date (dateFrom) and get all the Employees that have a checkin date after this date.

I tried this:

builder = builder.And(i => i.Checkins.Any(d => d >= request.DateFrom));

but I'm getting "Unsupported lambda in Any call." error.

Is there any way I can search in date array?

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I found the answer on StackOverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33301106/query-lucene-index-against-ienumerable-field

In short, instead of using

IEnumerable<DateTime> Checkins

you can use

DateTime Checkins

And then you can search using

i.Checkins >= request.DateFrom

Checkins property will not show anything and is good only for searching. If you need to retrieve the list of dates, use another property as IEnumerable<DateTime> and use it only for retrieval.

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