For some time, Sitecore has included an "Installed Licenses" feature which can be reached by navigating to Start -> All Applications -> System -> Installed Licenses, by clicking the hamburger button in the Content Editor (for Sitecore 8+; in older versions, click the Sitecore logo in the Content Editor instead) and selecting "Licenses".

It is my understanding that, by default, Sitecore ships with an entry for every official Sitecore module that they provide that is licensed to the solution via the installed License file. Since Sitecore does not, by default, keep a record of the versions of installed modules, I was hoping to extend this feature to display that information, at least for official modules, but I would be fine with adding extra entries, if needed (even for offical modules that should already have an entry).


My question has the following four parts:

  1. What is the actual purpose of this feature, if different from my understanding?
  2. What do the Count and Version values actually represent? The screenshots, below, depict these values for the Sitecore.WFFM entry of a clean Sitecore 8.2.1 instance without WFFM installed and a Sitecore 7.2.0 instance that has WFFM installed. Notice that the values are the same regardless of whether or not WFFM is actually installed. While not shown, note that the values Count: 1 and Version: 8 are actually the same for nearly all of the module entries, not just the Sitecore.WFFM entry, including Sitecore.xDB.Base, Sitecore.SXA and more. The value is different for the Sitecore.SiteUser entry which is set to the maximum amount of concurrent users that my license allows, the Sitecore.MSS.Sites entry, the SiteCore.EditorUser entry (title copied verbatim; it has the capital "C" for "SiteCore", like SiteCore.Runtime and SiteCore.SQLConnector in the screenshots, below), the Sitecore.Domain entry, and the SiteCore.Developer entry (also copied verbatim).
  3. Is there any way to extend/update an entry to display additional comments/version information without modifying the installed license file?
  4. Is there any way to add an entry to this list for a custom module/feature without modifying the installed Sitecore license file?


I am aware that newer (Sitecore 8+) versions of the "Installed Licenses" dialog have the caption:

Click a license to view the terms and conditions.

and that for older versions the caption is:

Here is a list of all the licenses that are contained in your license file. To view the terms of a license, click it.

However, since the terms of these licenses are not auto-populated in the entries and the content of the entries is not editable, I recognize that my understanding of the purpose of this feature may not be correct.


Sitecore 8+ (screenshot depicts a clean Sitecore 8.2.1 instance without WFFM installed)

enter image description here

Older Versions (screenshot depicts a Sitecore 7.2.0 instance with WFFM installed)

enter image description here

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This couldn’t the final answer to your queries but some analysis from my end, worth reading :)

Update in License File:

Whenever Sitecore official module is installed into an instance, below changes are included/appended in license file. (/data/license.xml)

- Snapshot: Name,Expiration,count,version & license agreement are appended under <signature> node of a module in license file and the same is retrieved to display in licensedetails page. *note: License agreement might not appear for partner license.

License info & Module info

License Overview Page: Page which list all the sitecore official modules when selected from 'Installed Licenses'.

License overview url is: http://<yourinstancename>/sitecore/shell/applications/licenses/licenseoverview


overview page

Physical path of xml file: <physicalpath>\Website\sitecore\shell\Applications\Licenses\LicenseOverview\LicenseOverview.xml

Codebehind: Sitecore.Shell.Applications.Licenses.LicenseOverview.LicenseOverviewForm from Sitecore.Client.dll

License Details Page: Module's License detail page which list 6 fields coming out from signature node of a module in license file. License Details Page url is:



module's license details

Physical path of xml file: <physicalpath>\Website\sitecore\shell\Applications\Licenses\\LicenseDetails\\LicenseDetails.xml

Codebehind: Sitecore.Shell.Applications.Licenses.LicenseDetails.LicenseDetailsForm from Sitecore.Client.dll

Conclusion: Finally i think adding certain fields into modules manifesto information & retrieving it in license details window couldnt be an easy task to do. :(

  • Thanks, Balaji! That's really interesting that you got the license agreement details. In truth, the screenshots that I took were of solutions running on a Partner License, so perhaps that is why the details didn't display. Mar 30, 2017 at 14:38

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