The title says it all really. I've heard both terms used interchangeably.

I'm assuming the DEF is the underlying framework, and xConnect is built on top of that, and it is xConnect that allows you to configure endpoints and integrations from within the Sitecore client.

Will Sitecore 8.3 be required for both, or is it just xConnect we have to wait for?

Could somebody confirm, or point me to somewhere that distinguishes the two?



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Data Exchange Framework is an ETL tool that is configured using Sitecore. It provides the ability to define synchronization processes that read data from a source system, transform the data into a format that is compatible with a target system, then write the transformed data to the target system.

xConnect is a new API for getting data in and out of xDB. It makes accessing xDB data much easier, consistent, and scalable than in the past.

They are independent but complementary products. A DEF provider will be available so you can use xConnect as a source or target system.

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