I have a reference to an item that uses the sitecore: protocol:

"sitecore://master/{...GUID HERE...}?lang=en&ver=0"

I could attempt to parse this URI manually to look up the item, but I'm pretty certain there's an existing utility somewhere to do this.

Of course, searching for sitecore: protocol URIs leads to a lot of answers about generating URLs from items, and that's not what I want in this case.

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It's Sitecore.Data.ItemUri format. You can use

var itemUri = ItemUri.Parse(string itemUriString)

to get ItemUri class object and then

Sitecore.Data.Database.GetItem(ItemUri itemUri)

to get the Item


This is a Sitecore ItemUri.

In general, references in Sitecore take one of these forms:

  • .ID: {DAC24EDD-44FB-42EF-9ECD-1E8DAF706386}
  • .Uri: sitecore://master/{DAC24EDD-44FB-42EF-9ECD-1E8DAF706386}?lang=en&ver=1
  • .DataUri: sitecore://{DAC24EDD-44FB-42EF-9ECD-1E8DAF706386}?lang=en&ver=1
  • .ItemUri: sitecore://master/{DAC24EDD-44FB-42EF-9ECD-1E8DAF706386}?lang=en&ver=1
  • .VersionUri: en, 1

It can be constructed from a String, like this:

var uri = ItemUri.Parse(yourString);
var uri = DataUri.Parse(yourString);


For further reference, I blogged about this a while back. Know your item, remember your context.

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