When adding a form to a page in Sitecore, you are presented with a dialog when choosing the datasource of the form. You have the options:

  • Create a blank form
  • Insert an existing form
  • Select a form to copy

My site is in a multi-site instance of Sitecore and I created the site as a copy of another site (including the forms). It seems that there are problems with forms which were copied from other forms without using the WFFM dialog. What exactly does WFFM do internally when you choose the option "Select a form to copy" is there something other than simply copying the content items in Sitecore?

  • What version of Sitecore and WFFM? Many issues have come and gone in the different version of WFFM. Could be an issue with copying forms.
    – ptiemann
    Commented Sep 13, 2018 at 18:39

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When you do a manual duplication of a form, Save Actions are copied as is. If you had a Save Action that sent an email with token keys to the fields you asked them to enter, those tokens/guids are hard copied pointers to the previous field items as child items under your 'copied from' form and thus not valid in your new form.

See more details here: Sitecore WFFM Form Duplication

I imagine there are other things affected that their internal pipeline missed in manual duplication.


Try to use custom "smart copy/duplicate" module instead of regular sitecore copy to copy sitecore forms - because in the copied form all the links will point to the previous form - this is not what you want to. When you creating a new form using WFFM dialog, it creates the full copy of the form with correct links.

The "smart copy" module could be found at: sitecore smart commands

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