If I check both shared and unversioned checkboxes in a template, what will happen? I knew difference between shared and unversioned. Want to know final result of checking both field in template.

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Shared will get priority since it covered all versinos in all languages, rather than only versions of a given language happen by Unversioned

  • then what is the use of checking two check boxes? Commented May 24, 2017 at 12:31
  • There is no use of setting both checkboxes. Commented May 24, 2017 at 17:01
  • It's basically terrible UX in the Content Editor. There should be a drop-down with a single choice like Sitecore Rocks; or a radio-set; or it should automatically de-select "Unversioned" if you select "Shared".
    – theyetiman
    Commented May 28, 2020 at 14:29

In reality, you have only 3 options. However the combination of checkboxes gives you 4.

The Answer

A versioned field (default)

This acts like one would expect. The field can have multiple values and multiple versions of a value; for multiple languages.

The Unversioned Field

Essentially this field gets 1 version per language, so the designation "Unversioned" is a little misleading. However there will be only 1 version of the field per language, not multiple versions within a language.

The Shared Field

Only one version of this field exists, across language versions.

This leaves out the last combination:

The Shared Unversioned Field

Now one could argue; that in theory it could make sense to have multiple versions of a shared field, but then have the field value propagate across language versions.

However, on a Data Provider level this just isn't possible. There are also areas of the Sitecore UI that would make this approach unworkable.

To find out why, I refer you to Yan Sklyarenko's post Back to Basics: Versioned, Unversioned and Shared Fields, where he explains that field values in Sitecore is essentially stored in one of 3 different tables:

  • VersionedFields
  • UnversionedFields
  • SharedFields

When selecting field values, Sitecore executes a JOIN statement across these 3. A field value will therefore only be selected from 1 of the above.

This is also reflected in the UI of Sitecore Rocks, where this setting is presented as a Dropdown choice.

enter image description here

Shared is therefore a superset of Unversioned

So to answer your question:

Setting both boxes will make your field be Shared. Unversioned is ignored.

Additional reading:

This last article describes the processes that happen under the hood in Sitecore, when you check and uncheck these boxes. A data migration process essentially takes place, moving field values around between the 3 above mentioned tables.

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