So I need the ability to trigger a Speak Application (either a Dialog or a Dashboard) from within code. This is going to happen from a custom command I have created that will process specific logic about the current context to determine which speak dialog to display. Is there a way to do this from within c# code?


You can open a SPEAK dialog using the SheerResponse.ShowModalDialog command.


SheerResponse.ShowModalDialog(new ModalDialogOptions(url)
  Width = "100",
  Height = "200",
  Response = true,
  ForceDialogSize = true

The url parameter is the Sitecore path of the SPEAK page, e.g: /sitecore/client/applications/dialogs/myPage

This should work if calling the dialog from a back end code.


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    Seems weird to trigger a Speak application using a Sheer method. :-) May 31 '17 at 15:08

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