I experienced a weird issue and was wondering if anyone has seen this. I had to lock down Templates and Renderings to be read only for content authors so a "Publish Related Items" would not publish those items prematurely.

This worked as expected except for renderings that I associated a custom Parameters Template. If content authors would view the Presentation Details for one of these items and rendering all of the fields were grayed out. But as soon as I explicitly set Read and Write permissions on the Rendering Parameter Templates it would work as expected.

Within Sitecore all of the Rendering Parameter Templates had the exact same permissions as the other Templates I created and those all worked as expected. Any thoughts?

(EDIT: Added screenshot) To make it work (as seen below) I had to explicitly add WRITE to the Rendering Parameter templates which as you can the other templates do not have and work as expected.

enter image description here

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    Yours seems like a good question for Sitecore support, but I have another: why are you worried about users publishing templates and renderings? Are you modifying them directly in a production environment? – Dan Sinclair Nov 16 '18 at 15:08

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