I need an 8 characters length enforcing validator. I created a MaxLength=8 and combined it with a MinLength=8 validation rule.

Then I enter "1234567890123' and it's saving, no question asked!

It does work if I click the "REVIEW" tab then "Validation". At the very bottom of a long list of schema warnings for each and every field. Our users won't do that.

I've been researching quite a bit already. One talk about "Quick Action Bar" that I don't see anywhere, and so on. I just need a simple, text field validation like exist in any html form. You enter data wrong, it displays a message and you can't save. Period. How do you do that?

Thanks in advance!

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you missed to add Parameters on your validator

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Parameters are applied using a QueryString-like list like this:


The “Result” paremeter determines the default result value of a validation.

Possible values are:

Valid = Green, everything is fine

Suggestion = Bright Orange, hmm, take a look at this

Warning = Orange, you should do something about this

Error = Red, this is an error you know

CriticalError = Red, user is warned before saving

FatalError = Red, user cannot save item before validator is cleared

More informations you can find here.

  • Thanks a bunch! I think I was using CriticalError, and/or possibly didn't Save after adding the "Result" parameter. Also it takes a bit of trial and error to choose the right of the 4 "Quick Action Bar", "Validate Button", "Validator bar", and "Workflow" that'll be responsive to the "Save" button. I found out that it was #3, "Validator bar" without really knowing how/why but that's OK! One thing I'm still not able to get, is the Text= parameter like the Sample SSN has: Pattern=^[0-9]{8}$**&Text=**Field "{0}" needs to be an 8 digit value. Example: 01065743&Result=FatalError Jul 13, 2017 at 18:16

As well as using a rules engine based validator, there are also validation fields on the Field template that you can use:

Field template validation fields

The Validation field takes a regex and the ValidationText field can be used for the warning text. Using the following regex:


That makes sure that the content has a minimum length of 8 characters. Now when the content editor tries to save an item that fails that validation, the message will be shown and the user cannot save the item:

Validation failed

This can be a simpler setup than rules based validation, although it is limited to what you can do with a single regex statement.

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    Thanks a plenty! I had missed this simpler way completely, online material is somewhat more focused on the other, more complex but reusable way. I've removed the '/' and made it digit only like so: ^[0-9]{8}$ Jul 13, 2017 at 18:24

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