We are having issues on WFFM in 8.1.

Values for the checboxlist field are stored in xdb and form reports in some format like follows.


Can we store values as comma separated values or any other way. In simple, can we modify the values before exporting?

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You can modify the values during exporting. To do this, please modify the following classes and modify the output as per your requirements.

Export to XML -

Sitecore.WFFM.Services.Pipelines.ExportToXml.ExportFormDataToXml, Sitecore.WFFM.Services

Export to Excel -

Sitecore.WFFM.Services.Pipelines.ExportToExcel.ExportFormDataToExcel, Sitecore.WFFM.Services

The above mentioned services can be configured in Website\App_Config\Include\Sitecore.WFFM.Services.config

Also please don't change the values in xDB as it is not best practice.


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