I am using Microsoft DI with Sitecore 8.2 Update 3. I have registered my Glass Items like this:

serviceCollection.AddTransient<ISitecoreContext>(provider => new SitecoreContext());
serviceCollection.AddTransient<IGlassHtml>(provider => new GlassHtml(serviceProvider.GetService<ISitecoreContext>()));
serviceCollection.AddTransient<ICustomSitecoreContext>(provider => new CustomSitecoreContext(serviceProvider.GetService<IGlassHtml>()));
serviceCollection.AddScoped<ISitecoreService>(provider => new SitecoreService(Sitecore.Context.Database));

Most of these things are resolving. But, when I use the CustomSitecoreContext, the parameter GlassHTML is null. I can see on showservicesconfig.aspx that IGlassHtml is registered. Im thinking its maybe not registered in time to use it this way?

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Not knowing the details of your implementation on ICustomSitecoreContext, it looks to me like you are registering the dependencies incorrectly. While the ISitecoreContext needs the factory method to instantiate a new SitecoreContext - your other dependencies should be able to be created by the container.


serviceCollection.AddTransient<ISitecoreContext>(provider => new SitecoreContext());
serviceCollection.AddTransient<IGlassHtml, GlassHtml>();
serviceCollection.AddTransient<ICustomSitecoreContext, CustomSitecoreContext>();
serviceCollection.AddScoped<ISitecoreService>(provider => new SitecoreService(Sitecore.Context.Database));

If you register them like that, your container then takes care of making sure that the IGlassHtml object injected into your CustomSitecoreContext class is instantiated.

Alternatively - if you need to use the factory method, then you need to use the provider method from the lambda. Like this:

serviceCollection.AddTransient<IGlassHtml>(provider => new GlassHtml(provider.GetService<ISitecoreContext>()));
serviceCollection.AddTransient<ICustomSitecoreContext>(provider => new CustomSitecoreContext(provider.GetService<IGlassHtml>()));

Hope that helps!


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