EDIT: I was using dialog in Sitecore Rocks - seems there is a better one in actual admin interface where I can set publish to/from dates for each version.. Just testing to see if this works..

So, I am looking into delayed publishing, and want to know what I can acheive out of the box, and what I might need to use a plugin for.

Simple example:

I have a page, that is already published, i.e. the homepage.

I want to make a change to this page (in this case, on a field on page itself, and not any dynamically bound content), at a specific Date/Time but don't want to have to publish at that specific moment.. so, I set the "Publishable from" date to my required date/time, and publish item. Issue I am having is this causes the page to become unpublished (and therefore I get an error) until the required time comes along. I want to keep V1 active until V2's publish time as come and that becomes the active version..

I've already enabled <agent type="Sitecore.Tasks.PublishAgent" ... in the config file.

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You should set the publish date for the latest version. You need to make use of the Versions tab to be able to set which version to be published and when. Please see screenshot below

enter image description here


Let say you have 2 versions on the item. Version 2 contains the updated data. So, you need to set this version to be published at your defined date/time.

  • Thank you. this is what I needed.. I was doing via Sitecore rocks, which doesn't correctly set the publish date it seems.
    – mp3duck
    Commented Aug 17, 2017 at 14:29

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