I'm looking for predictive search for content page in Sitecore.

Something similar, what google search provide. Do we have anything like this?

  • Are you using anything outside of the standard Sitecore search API? e.g. Solr, Coveo, etc. Also, what version of Sitecore are you running? Sep 20, 2016 at 1:54
  • Could you expand on what you mean by "predictive" search? It will help greatly if you can give an example query by a user and an expected response by the website.
    – Kasaku
    Sep 20, 2016 at 8:15

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So this depends on what you mean by predictive search.

If you mean a simple autocomplete, then yes. Sitecore provide an n-gram analyzer for both Lucene and Solr. To use this, add a new field to the index and map the field to use the n-gram analyzer instead of the default. You will need a custom computed field and an update to the schema.xml - see this post for more detail: http://www.ehabelgindy.com/sitecore-7-solr-search-auto-complete-using-ngram/

If you mean a full predictive and smart search "like" Google, then not out of the box with Sitecore. There are a few options to be able to do this tho.


The most straightforward would be to use Coveo for Sitecore. Coveo offers a few cool features that you can plug into Sitecore, predictive search/auto complete looks to be included in that.

Custom Implementation

You can roll your own implementation of this using either the Lucene or Solr indexes. I would suggest that you use Solr for this as it has some nice features in the API that you would have to implement yourself with Lucene.

Doing a custom implementation is pretty complex tho, you would need a custom index, custom crawler to make sure that the correct page content was included etc...

Although I'd like to put the whole answer here, its would be a bit long, so here are some links to instructions:


If you can be more specific with the requirements, we can tailor the answer to your needs.

  • I haven't explore coveo but thanks for the direction.in past I worked with episerver with eps fast search which help you define dictionary which comes with all lexicon smarts around grammer suggestions etc.i was looking for similar thing for sitecore. Sep 20, 2016 at 23:01

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