I am opening a speak dialog from a custom step that I have introduced to the uiDeleteItems pipeline. How can I get access to data from the pipeline (fx the items being deleted) in the javascript code of the dialogue?

In my pipeline step I open the dialog like this:

SheerResponse.ShowModalDialog(new ModalDialogOptions("/sitecore/client/Applications/Dialogs/MyCustomDialog")
        Width = "400",
        Height = "800",
        Response = true,
        ForceDialogSize = true,
        Message = args.Parameters["items"] //this was an attempt to pass data..

I was hoping that I somehow could acces the Message with the item ids. But I can't find a property on the dialog that gives me access to the message.


I believe the only way, is to pass values through the QueryString. If you need a item in your dialog, you could pass the id:

Sitecore.Text.UrlString _url = new  Sitecore.Text.UrlString(Url);
url.Append("id", args.Parameters["id"]);

And then get the item form the database in your modal dialog.

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