Is there an option to switch Contact context programmatically?

Let's say i have some logic that depends on Contact context. When running such logic i would want to use something like

using (new Sitecore....ContactSwitcher("contactID"))
    //my logic with rules and personalization

I.e. Something EXM does with &recipient=xdb:{contactID} parameter

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Doesn't exist a ContactSwitcher like LanguageSwitcher or UserSwitcher.

You need to identify new user when you want to switch to other contact.

            var contactIdentifier = "contactemail or otheridentifier"; 
            if (Tracker.Current.Contact != null && Tracker.Current.Contact.Identifiers.Identifier == contactIdentifier)
                // Contact already identified

If you want to switch back to previous user you need to identify again previous contact.

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