In a Sitecore environment, Sitecore 8.2 update 4, the analytics buttons in the launch pad are hidden. This is what I would expect if analytics were disabled (Xdb.Enabled = false) but analytics are enabled.

Then I thought maybe Sitecore couldn't reach Mongo, so I took a different environment where analytics works, I changed the Mongo connection strings to something that was no good, but the analytics buttons are still visible.

Also, the user I am logged in as is an Administrator, so I dont think its a permissions problem.

What else would cause these buttons to be hidden?

enter image description here


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Consolidating all the possible reasons behind missing Sitecore Analytics Buttons on Launchpad in this answer:

  1. As Mark said please check if your license file have appropriate xDB License.
  2. Please check of the xDB is not disabled. Open Sitecore.XDb.config and check <setting name="Xdb.Enabled" value="true" /> and <setting name="Xdb.Tracking.Enabled" value="true" />
  3. Using showconfig.aspx check if any custom patch file is nor overriding the xDB.Enabled flag.
  4. Lastly check if you are logged in as Administrator or as a user who is not restricted to access to Sitecore Analytics.

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