With this method https://sitecore.stackexchange.com/a/5588/1360, we can sync the content from FileSystem to Sitecore DB.

Can we do the reverse? DB to FileSystem using something like

"Reserialize-Unicorn -ControlPanelUrl 'http://sc82u5.local/unicorn.aspx' -SharedSecret '4DED97FE-32B0-4F0A-AFD8-1CA3229C74F5' -Configurations @('Content')"

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I think the powershell functions you're looking for are:

# Reserialize one

Export-UnicornConfiguration "Foundation.Foo"

# Reserialize multiple by name

Export-UnicornConfiguration @("Foundation.Foo", "Foundation.Bar")

# Reserialize from pipeline

Get-UnicornConfiguration "Foundation.*" | Export-UnicornConfiguration

Taken from here

EDIT: that's for the Sitecore powershell way of doing things. If you want to use the old standard powershell API - I believe you can just add -Verb 'Reserialize' to the parameters.


Sync-Unicorn -ControlPanelUrl 'https://localhost/unicorn.aspx' -SharedSecret 'your-sharedsecret-here' -Verb 'Reserialize'

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