Can we increase max size of the search box in usermanager? which currently only 20 character.

I am trying to implement this email search using link https://sitecorecontextitem.wordpress.com/2014/11/10/search-by-email-in-the-sitecore-user-manager/

but search box has only 20 character allowed in Usermanager

enter image description here

  • Using Dotpeek, have you tried to explore the Sitecore client library to see how it works? – Michael West Oct 19 '17 at 1:14

User Manager uses /sitecore/layout/Layouts/Security/SecurityManager layout. Path to aspx page is /sitecore/shell/Applications/Security/UserManager/UserManager.aspx. Layout uses Grid component from ComponentArt.Web.UI.dll However, rendering process has difficult structure and works with hardcoded js files, including code for render search box:

window.ComponentArt_Grid.prototype.RenderSearchBox = function (_c1) {
    _c1[_c1.length] = "<div";
    if (this.SearchTextCssClass) {
        _c1[_c1.length] = " class=\"" + this.SearchTextCssClass + "\"";
    _c1[_c1.length] = ">" + this.SearchText + " ";
    _c1[_c1.length] = "<input onsubmit=\"return false;\" onkeypress=\"return !" + this.Id + ".SearchCheckEnter(event)\" id=\"" + this.Id + "_searchBox\"";
    if (this.SearchBoxCssClass) {
        _c1[_c1.length] = " class=\"" + this.SearchBoxCssClass + "\"";
    _c1[_c1.length] = " onkeyup=\"" + this.Id + ".SearchKeyHandler(event,this);\" type=\"text\" maxlength=\"20\" size=\"20\" value=\"" + this.SearchString + "\" /></div>";

I think that will be difficult to overwrite this logic.

Try to write your custom js for change maxlength and size attributes on $(document).ready()

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