I am using SXA Event rendering on my page, I add create Event list and used it for listing and calendar, however, we cant find Event detail page, how to add it?

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Here is my structure:

  • Home Page - I've placed Event List rendering on it
  • Sitecore Symposium 2017 Page - under the Home I've just one page which is containing details about event
  • Sitecore Events - event list data source with just one event underneath

I look like this:

enter image description here

Now, let's open the Home page where the Event List rendering is placed:

enter image description here

Link to the page with details is in the bottom right corner.

Remember that Event List is using Rendering Variants to render events - so you can modify this as you want. Here is the default variant shipped with SXA. I've market item responsible for generating a link to details page:

enter image description here

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback, I have question-related to page "Sitecore Symposium 2017 Page" how its render the content of the event, are you adding custom code to render it Oct 19, 2017 at 7:34
  • The page has nothing to do with event item - it's just a separate page with additional pieces of information about the event. Oct 20, 2017 at 10:20
  • ok what if i had a lot of events, it will be hard for the user to create item under content tree and in event data source , so is there a workaround like a single page for event detail for example /event/[EventName]/[EventID] and we use custom code to fitch the event detail fro it Oct 25, 2017 at 10:10
  • Add Page Content rendering and point it data source to the event item stored under Data folder. Oct 25, 2017 at 19:48
  • So based on “sitecore.stackexchange.com/questions/5074/…” the Page content can read from current Context, what I was trying to do is to create two pages “Event Listing page” and each event on this page links to using “Event Details link” property “Event Details Page” , I place “Page Content” in “Event Details Page” and create a variant to display event title ,… , it does work I guess because the context is not correct so can you help me to fill in the gaps? Oct 26, 2017 at 7:32

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