From Sitecore Desktop - Start - All Applications - Run.

The dialog states: "Type the name of a application, folder, document or Internet resource, and Sitecore will open it for you."

However, the only thing I've got to work so far, is entering path to [[core]/Sitecore/Content/Applications/] .. by entering for example: Security/Role Manager in the popup.

I am just curious as the wording of the dialog stating an "Internet Resource". Can this be used for any other things besides launching Applications?

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It really is just for running an application from Sitecore, which is where the Browse button links you to.

You can put in an external web resource in, like http://www.startrek.com/images/TNG.jpg - but out of the box sitecore has the X-Frame-Options set to sameorigin and so it prevents anything like that loading in the IFrame. You will get this error in the browser:

Refused to display 'http://www.startrek.com/images/TNG.jpg' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'.

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