I have a Droplink field and I am trying to set the data source in the templates. What I want to do is set the data source by id instead of path and also add a filter by templates

For example query:/sitecore/content/sites/home/content/products/*[@@templateid='{4B8840D7-C56C-440F-B97E-973B6860B206}']
This Works. But, I don't want to give the path of "products" but it's item id because the path can change later.

So i tried


and this works. but not sure how to add template filter.

i tried

datasource={B343ACC6-591C-4E67-8538-D73D87FEE998}/*[@@templateid = '{4B8840D7-C56C-440F-B97E-973B6860B206}']
and other different combinations. Doesn't work.


I would add the Template Filter on the Datasource almost in the same way you are doing But I would put the ID, on the Standard values(not on the data source on the template) or on the item itself, I believe this would solve your issue

To learn more about how to Restrict the item by template I would recommend the following link https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24952880/sitecore-restrict-item-by-data-template-type-on-a-field


The DropLink does not support a "Parameterized Datasource" where you could use parameters like Datasource and IncludeTemplatesForDisplay. But with using the query syntax, it should be possible.

You could try it like this:

query://*[@@id = '{B343ACC6-591C-4E67-8538-D73D87FEE998}']/*[@@templateid='{4B8840D7-C56C-440F-B97E-973B6860B206}']

as query://*[@@id = '{...}'] searches through the entire content tree and returns an Item with the mentioned ID.

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