I would like to avoid my content comrades from being unhappy and overwrite changes. Can I skip content from JSS package?

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Two options for this:

  1. Simply exclude content from your code-first manifest. You need to explicitly add content and routes in your manifest files (example here), so if you don't add them, there will be no content to import.
  2. Use Sitecore security. The import process executes under a configured user context (sitecore\jssimport by default), and will skip any items which that user does not have write access to. Out of the box, JSS applies a workflow to created content items which will prevent the import from overwriting items that have been edited, unless explicit access is given to allow overwrite again. Or, you can use the security presets provided by JSS to deny write access to that user entirely, or configure the item security yourself, if you don't want content imported at all.
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    Additionally, the manifest generation script accepts an optional excludeItems parameter that will exclude route and content items from the generated manifest. There is also an excludeMedia parameter that will exclude media items from the generated manifest.
    – Adam Weber
    Commented Nov 21, 2017 at 16:44

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