We are facing an issue while designing website using Experience Accelerator , in Experience editor that theme we created is not in theme selection box .

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To create a site theme:

1) Add a new theme in one of the following ways: Add a theme when creating your site. In the Create a new Experience Accelerator site dialog box, on the Theme tab, select the Create new theme checkbox.

The new theme is added to the Site folder in the Media Library:

/sitecore/Media Library/Project/Tenant Folder/Your Tenant/Your Site/Site Theme Name

2) Add a theme manually. Add a theme under your tenant/site media library folder. Copy all children of /sitecore/media library/Themes/Basic theme.

3) Add a theme using a script. SXA contains a helper script that creates a new theme for you. Right-click your site, click Scripts, and click New Site Theme.

In the Create a new Experience Accelerator site theme dialog box, enter a name and optionally enter a new location for your theme. By default, the new theme is added to: /sitecore/Media Library/Project/Tenant Folder/Your Tenant/Your Site/Site Theme Name.

Note: By default, new themes are stored here: /sitecore/Media Library/Project/Tenant Folder/Your Tenant/Your Site/Site Theme Name. Do not save your theme items under any of the SXA roots as they might be overwritten in the next release.

4) In the Internet Explorer Compatibility section, set the X-UA-Compatible value. This value forces Internet Explorer to use a specific Edit and Preview/Public mode to render your web pages. For example, you can set the value to IE Edge to use the highest, most recent mode available.

5) In the Theme section, set the themes your new theme should inherit from. SXA themes support multiple inheritance. This means that you can define multiple parent themes for every single theme.

Note: The order of selected base themes is important. Be careful when you are adding something new or changing the order. For example, if the SearchTheme relies on jquery library that is located in Core Libraries, you must make sure that the SearchTheme is loaded after the other themes.

Sitecore documentation

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