I'm looking to add some parameters to my Solr query that's not currently supported by the Search API (hit highlighting to be specific). Is there a way (like a pipeline processor or something) to intercept the query and modify it before it gets sent over to Solr?

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Depending on your version there's a way to replace the component that writes the URL and makes the connection to Solr. If you didn't feel like building out a Linq provider (and I don't recommend it), this could be a last resort hook into the process.

I was looking at this a little while ago as a candidate for adding support for Solr Cloud redirection and authenticated Solr endpoints, but I haven't completed that work yet. I think some of these features are in the works at Sitecore now anyway.

The widget in question is wired in at:

      <solrHttpWebRequestFactory type="HttpWebAdapters.HttpWebRequestFactory, SolrNet" />

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