I am working with Sitecore 9 and Sitecore Rocks. I successfully linked my Sitecore instance with Sitecore Rocks and can see the 3 dbs: Core Master Web, as well as the Website and Data folders.

I am currently getting an exception whenever I try to delete an item from Sitecore Rocks:

Sitecore Rocks exception

It looks to me that Sitecore 9 ProxyManager does not exist anymore and therefore it fails to delete. Update/Create is working fine. I also tried to delete with a Sitecore 8 instance and it worked.

To get Sitecore Rocks working I had to update my web.config as mentioned here

Anyone working with Rocks and Sitecore 9?

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This is fixed in the latest build of Sitecore Rocks (2.1.80) which you can get here:



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