Installing WeBlog latest version with Sitecore 9 is breaking Sitecore instance. Are there any other blog module which can work with Sitecore 9 and SXA? Thank you,

  • We've just finished upgrading WeBlog to Sitecore 9 and made it work with SOLR. Doing some QA right now, and I will be checking in the upgraded code to GitHub in a few days for everybody to use. Please reach out for any questions. Commented Nov 13, 2018 at 17:20
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    Hi @NabilOrfali , Have you managed to upgrade the WeBlog module to be compatible with Sitecore 9? Commented Jun 5, 2019 at 11:42

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You can build a blog on top of SXA

I've created a step by step tutorial how to do it here

Here are default renderings that can be used on blog. enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

To display posts on homepage you could use Page List or Search Results enter image description here

If you need comments there are FB comments, Disqus

Screenshots come from XA.Reference site. If you are not sure how to configure them, install it and play.


WeBlog is an open source repository so one solution for having a Sitecore 9 version of the WeBlog module is for you to fork it and update it to Sitecore 9. This will help you and also the community who already use WeBlog!

Otherwise, as Alan mentions, SXA is a great solution for this.

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