After successfully deploying the AD module in Sitecore, complete with members, roles, and profiles, we have now encountered an issue where Sitecore crashes when adding in a second domain.

Error message

What is causing this error and is it possible to overcome it?

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Turns out if you RTFM you can avoid this issue.

I found a clue in this post where the author mentions the ports required. Further reading, the installation document provided on the Sitecore portal indicates the required ports.

2.1.1 Prerequisites

Active Directory requires that port 389 is open by default:

389 — for client communications
445 — for Active Directory Profile Provider

After running some tests using Test-NetConnection, I was able to confirm that the port is not open for the second domain controller.



  1. Remove profile settings for the second domain and live without those properties populating.
  2. Get port 445 opened.
  • Man, I would almost log that as a bug for bad error handling and messaging. Nice find. Jan 21, 2018 at 0:42

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