Which bootstrap versions are compatible with sitecore SXA 1.5? Current Sitecore SXA comes with bootstrap 3.3.7. Has anyone tried using bootstrap 4? What are the pros and cons?

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To make it compatible with most of the devices, Sitecore SXA is using bootstrap 3. but any framework can be adapted. you can add the new bootstrap 4 grid and follow the existing bootstrap structure and and modify the classes based on bootstrap 4. see image below:

enter image description here


  • Introduced flexbox for better designing layouts
  • Because of more demand using sass instead of less
  • Mixins classes like rounded-corners introduced, to fast up the pace of development
  • Fonts using rem for better view on different devices


  • Bootstrap 3 has support for IE9 and iOS6. but flexbox are not supported on these browsers
  • Difficult for quick adaption for those who are using bootstrap 3
  • Media query breakpoints are changed because of the newly introduced device resolutions, which bootstrap 4 has catered.
  • Online customiser in not available

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