I want to edit some Placeholder settings with Powershell extensions, which involves adding a specific rendering to some and removing another rendering from others.

Is there a simple syntax based on the field type, or should I just use string replacement to edit the field?

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You can use all Sitecore types to access and manipulate field value. Example

# get your ph settings item
$phSettings = gi -path '/sitecore/layout/Placeholder Settings/content'

# read field and assign it to MultilistField type
[Sitecore.Data.Fields.MultilistField]$field = $phSettings.Fields["Allowed Controls"]

Now you can read and set values

# read IDs from an array of IDs

# replace ID inside an array

MultilistField is an extension of Sitecore.Data.Fields.DelimitedField field type. Decompile it and see other methods available:

  • public int Count
  • public string[] Items
  • public bool Contains(string item)
  • public string Add(string item)
  • public string Remove(string item)
  • public int IndexOf(string item)

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