When using the Feed Designer, Sitecore appears to be pulling Single Line Text and Multi Line Text fields.

Can this be updated to also include custom field types? (e.g., we have a type Raw Text) Maybe a pipeline or configuration?

  • Raw Text is a custom field, or do you mean the deprecated text field type? – jammykam Jan 10 '18 at 18:27
  • Raw Text is indeed a custom field type that we've created. – Dylan McCurry Jan 10 '18 at 18:33
  • sitecorejunkie.com/2014/11/03/… this will get you what you need. Sitecore uses the .Net Syndication item. You will have access to the entire Item if you follow along that post. Read your custom field however you need to. I’ve used it before to make customizations. It’s pretty simple. – jrap Jan 10 '18 at 23:57

Found a solution.

Once you use the designer, you will see this appear in your shared layout of your standard values:

<d id="{73966209-F1B6-43CA-853A-F1DB1C9A654B}" l="{A57C19C2-8EE3-4DEC-AA39-0B8D522D59EB}">
   <r id="{86F838F5-7E87-45BB-876F-C021324AC8B0}" par="TitleField=Field+1&amp;BodyField=Field+2&amp;DateField=Field+3" uid="{11865658-1F3C-415F-975D-67F6BD76EEBA}" />

You can simply swap out Field+1 as necessary. It will work at render time of the RSS Feed, but the designer will show an empty value for the title field.

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