I added a File Drop Area field (let's call it FDA) into a content item (let's call it sitecore/content/Home).

In Dialog "Upload File", after I uploaded a file and click "Upload", where can I find the information on my item (sitecore/content/Home) and my FDA field?

I wanted to do some specific action when the dialog is opened from File Drop Area, but this action should not be done on other "Upload File" functionality such as the one comes from Media Library.

I need to know if this dialog is opened from File Drop Area or the "Upload File" from Media library for example. I have debugged UploadArgs from my custom processor in <uiUpload> pipeline and Sitecore.Context object, but I haven't found them (or I might have overlooked it).

Which place should I look into to debug the information on FDA and sitecore/content/Home?

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uiUpload pipeline is used when you upload files into Media Library .

In your case you have to look how Content Editor Fields are created :


You need to override FileDropArea field.

You need to use reflector or other decompile tool to get code for class : Sitecore.Shell.Applications.ContentEditor.FileDropArea and to create your own class .

I recommend you to duplicate the item : /sitecore/system/Field types/System Types/File Drop Area

You have to modify Control field to customcontent:FileDropArea .

enter image description here

You need to declare your customcontent on controlsources section of config file

 <source mode="on" namespace="yourNamespace" assembly="yourassembly" prefix="customcontent"  />

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