I have the following script to output to a table certain fields of a selection of items

Get-Item -Path "master:" -Query "fast:/sitecore/content/Home//*[@@templateid='{BAC0709D-5606-4A86-AF67-35F1448FDBE6}']" | Show-ListView -Property ID, Name, DisplayName, "Page Title"

Obviously I just reference by name any fields I want to output, but what if I want to output a property, say item.Paths.FullPath? How would I achieve that?

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This is explained here: https://doc.sitecorepowershell.com/appendix/commands/Show-ListView.html#example-2

You can use @{Label="Path"; Expression={$_.Paths.FullPath} } in the list of properties where you specify a label for the column and reference the item using Expression={$_.Paths.FullPath}

The final query becomes

Get-Item -Path "master:" -Query "fast:/sitecore/content/Home//*[@@templateid='{BAC0709D-5606-4A86-AF67-35F1448FDBE6}']" | Show-ListView -Property ID, Name, DisplayName, "Page Title", @{Label="Path"; Expression={$_.Paths.FullPath} }

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