I followed the steps below to define custom ASP.NET MVC routes.

Created a custom processor for the initialize pipeline and defined custom route in the Process method similar to the following:

public class RegisterCustomRoute
  public virtual void Process(PipelineArgs args)
    RouteTable.Routes.MapRoute("CustomRoute", "some/route/{controller}/{action}/{id}");

Added this processor to the initialize pipeline right before the Sitecore InitializeRoutes processor.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<configuration xmlns:patch="http://www.sitecore.net/xmlconfig/">
                    <processor type="MyNamespace.RegisterCustomRoute, MyAssembly" patch:before="processor[@type='Sitecore.Mvc.Pipelines.Loader.InitializeRoutes, Sitecore.Mvc']" />

I placed this patch file into a subfolder of the /App_Config/Include/Z_CustomConfigs directory.

The route has been registered successfully in the RouteTable however whenever i tried to access the url http://[domain]/some/route/[controller]/[action]/1 in browser, I never get this url matched in Sitecore application and it always redirected to 404 page with invalid url message.


I am having below code for the controller

public class ProductFilterController : SitecoreController
     // GET: Product
     public ActionResult Search(int id)
         return View();

And trying to access it using the url


However, when i added /some/route/ in IgnoreUrlPrefixes config setting, the route resolved successfully but in this way, i would not get the Sitecore context. Thus, not much beneficial to resolve the problem statement.

References: https://kb.sitecore.net/articles/700677

  • We would need to see the actual code and actual configuration, to be able to help you. – Mark Cassidy Jan 31 '18 at 10:26
  • I tried the exact same code and configuration but it never worked. – Arvind Gehlot Jan 31 '18 at 10:30
  • But your controller code? – Mark Cassidy Jan 31 '18 at 10:33
  • 1
    Don't inherit SitecoreController. It isn't intended for this purpose. It would be either ServicesApiController or just ApiController. And don't modify global.asax either. – Mark Cassidy Jan 31 '18 at 12:05
  • 1
    In case of ServicesApiController (ASP.NET WebAPI) there is even no need of overriding the processor (which is for MVC routing). See the following page for details: doc.sitecore.net/sitecore_experience_platform/developing/… – Serhii Shushliapin Jan 31 '18 at 12:30

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