I have some code to trigger goals (events) and add additional data to them, based upon this documentation. The additional data is in the Data attribute and we also set the DataKey but no CustomValues. This works perfectly - we can see the data in the database (xdb shards).

In the experience profile, we can also find the triggered goals. But we can't see the extra data of the goal anywhere. In fact, we can't even find a spot where the data should be shown..

The goal is triggered when a whitepaper is downloaded. The custom data will identify the whitepaper (I don't want to create a goal for each whitepaper).

So, my question is: can this data, which is actually not that custom as I am still using the default Data property and not the CustomValues, be visualized in the Experience Profile? (and how)


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The Goal data is not automatically show in experience profile. So you would need to do some SPEAK UI editing.

You can add more columns to the Goal View tab in the Experience Profile by adding new items under /sitecore/client/Applications/ExperienceProfile/Contact/PageSettings/Tabs/Activity/Activity Subtabs/Goals/GoalsPanel/Goal. So you'd add a new item that defines the Data Column.

Here's a pretty good article on the topic:


In addition to my blog post Jarmo recommended, I released the code as a Marketplace module you can install into Sitecore to display the Custom Data of the Goal


It works for 8.1 and 8.2 however I am yet to test it on 9. The source code is also available here should you need to modify it in anyway



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