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I found a similar question, but could not find out what I need from there I am trying to achieve a language-specific, content manageable, friendly error message page for 500 status code. What I ...
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handling 500 errors in sitecore 9 [duplicate]

For handling status code 500 followed below step in web.config file: <system.web> <customErrors mode="off" /> <system.web> </system.webServer> <httpErrors ...
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Friendly error page for Sitecore web application [duplicate]

We want to set up a friendly error page for a Sitecore application. We created a new htm page in root folder and used IIS custom errors (using web.config's custom errors element) to redirect errors to ...
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Custom Error page in Habitat [duplicate]

We have a habitat application with multi-site. If any error occurred, it has to redirect to error page item of specific site. We were planning to implement by
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Can I point ItemNotFoundUrl at sitecore content? [duplicate]

In my attempt to customize error pages, I have overridden the settings for ItemNotFoundUrl, LinkItemNotFoundUrl, and LayoutNotFoundUrl to point to a page in sitecore; /errors/ContentNotFound. The ...
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How to trigger 404 inside MVC controller - SiteCore 10.1? [duplicate]

We have a custom pipeline 404 processor, inside that processor, we do not set status code to 404, instead, we set Response.TrySlipIisCustomErrors = true and also set Sitecore.Context.Item = item404; ...
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Is there a recommended approach to handling navigable Items with no layout defined?

I have a scenario in a site we're building where there are groups of pages organized into folders for organizational purposes. However, the folders aren't pages themselves. Here's an example: If ...
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Status Code 200 returned for 404 page SXA website

We have a SXA website and tried to add 404 page as described here Setup 404 page by creating the Pipeline and adding a rendering to set the StatusCode to 404. We also added Page Not found link in ...
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ExecuteRequest is Obsolete, How should we derive from the ExecuteRequest pipeline processor?

So recently noticed a compiler warning on a custom pipeline I wrote to override what pages "Page Not Found", "Layout Not Found" get redirected to (in order to make them site specific pages in a ...
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How do you restrict media from serving up on different domains in SXA?

Let's say for example we have two SXA websites. If an image appears on one domain, I can access it using the other domain.
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Redirect requests based on missing data on wildcard item

I have a URL,, and currently if you go to{any valid ID} you get a page with content about the location. However, if you go to
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MediaRequestHandler for missing images causes errors on Content Authoring

We've implemented error handling for missing images in Sitecore like so:
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How to support custom 404 Pages while keeping Languages.AlwaysStripLanguage set to false

My team is running into a very confusing error where our 404 pages are throwing 500 errors, but only when the Languages.AlwaysStripLanguage configuration setting is set to "false". When we remove the ...
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200 error on a bad URL request

Well this is weird, we have a Sitecore 9.1 multisite, and when someone tries to access it is redirecting to 200 status code but with a server error message but if I ...
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Locate web.config to implement 404 page

I'm really new with Sitecore and I'm not sure where to perform this change. So far I only know the CMS web interface which is very limited. How can I locate the web.config file? What tool should I use?...
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