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Questions tagged [adb2c]

For questions related to Sitecore's active directory B2C including architecture, configuration, customization, integration, etc.

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.aspnet.cookie is not set after Azure AD B2C successful authentication

We have an ASP.NET webforms application with Sitecore 9.0.0 Initial release, and we want to use Azure B2C as an external identity provider for our external users. We created the new authentication ...
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Integration with AD B2C: Trigger Owin challenges by policy name

We're using Sitecore.NET 9.1.0. We're trying to trigger register, login and forgot password flows from Sitecore that will be used by end users of our website. After a successful login we want to ...
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How to get Sitecore.Context.User after redirect from Azure ADb2c login?

I am on Sitecore 9.1 Initial Release and SXA 1.8. Implemented a custom processor for Azure ADB2C Login. I can login perfectly and fetch the claims and stuff. But on redirect to /myaccount page , I ...
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